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Press the pause button...

Reminder to always remember yourself. Taking a moment to pause and think, remembering to breath. With all the uncertainty in the current situation just remember to take some time for you, acknowledging any emotions or thoughts. Just remembering that any feeling or moment won't last forever, try to focus you're attention on the right now.

Finding ways to deal with quieting down you’re mind maybe getting outdoors and going for a long walk, just moving you’re body, getting you’re blood flow going is great for resetting you’re mind. Doing this helps to change you’re mindset, making you feel calmer and giving yourself a chance to just press the pause button.

Come and pause, relax and reset in one of my classes. All of my classes have options for everyone, from beginners to more experienced, using progressions or modifications to suit your needs, making sure everyone feels comfortable. There's no judgement or expectation just a chance for you to press the pause button leaving any to do lists or thoughts off you're mat.

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